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Feb. 19.

Independence Whisky ~ Whisky FOR Scotland, not just FROM Scotland

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Who is making Scotland’s Independence Whisky?

Whisky for Girls (& Guys!) want to experience a wonderful dram for drinking on 18th September 2014.

  On September the 18th  2014,  between the hours of 7.30 am and 10 pm, for the first time in many years, the Scottish people will be sovereign in their own country. We will hold our own future in our hands. We will have for those 15 hours, our independence. The choice before us, will be whether we want to give it back.

I believe we will keep our Independence, our Sovereignty.

I believe we need a magnificent dram to celebrate this expression of life.

How will the dram taste?  ~ Old, smooth, deep, lyrical, complex.

Drinking it will take one on a long journey. This dram will have depth, taste salty, yet earthy and peaty. It will taste of heather and barley, it will be  familiar, yet fresh. 

Most of all, this dram will  taste of the beating Independent Heart of Scotland.

It will taste of the past. It will taste of the future. It will taste of LIFE.

Independence is FOR Scotland. You are not against anything else because you are FOR something. It is a force for life. It is not anti English, or anti Welsh, or anti Irish or anti any other thing, peoples or country.

This dram will make  a positive statement on and for Sovereignty for Scotland

The company who understands this,  is the company who will make Scotland’s Independence Whisky.

There is no use companies/distilleries jumping on the bandwagon once Independence is achieved and coming out of the woodwork with their Independence Whisky ~ theses will just be marketing ploys, the whisky will not be given with authentic heart ~ the REAL Independence Whisky needs to declare itself now, it needs to say

~ I am for Scotland. I am here NOW ~ I am the heart of Scotland and I am not afraid to show the world who I am.

All the companies who produce Scotch whisky are benefiting from Scotland ~ from the authentic, quality brand and product that they get from and in Scotland ~ so which company has the courage, the power, the heart, the foresight to stand  with Scotland and with the Scottish people, NOW ~ in the midst of the campaign for her Independence and say ~

We believe in Scotland.

We stand with Scotland. We support her, we have faith in her.

  HERE IS OUR SUPPORT MADE PHYSICAL ~ HERE, NOW ~ not after 18 September 2014



A whisky FOR Scotland, not only FROM Scotland


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