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Mar. 07.

WHISKY AS MEDICINE in the Realm of Women

Barley in glass & Heather (426x640)

WHISKY AS MEDICINE in the realm of women
For cleaning wounds
For removing ticks
Hot toddie for cold
For toothache
In baby’s milk to soothe
To warm one up
For shock
Mum used to give me whisky in my coffee after walking the dog on a winters morning.
Consumption of distilled spirits gradually lost its association with spiritual symbolism and medical treatment and instead became a public health issue as abuse of spirits (often of dubious quality) became rampant.
Nevertheless, reverence for fine spirits has endured as a testament to their ancient origins and mysterious powers.
Whisky as medicine # Laphroaig as medicine ~ natural soporific ~ my Grandmother always had dram at night.
Connection to baptism by fire. Gnostic Christian Cults. Spirits could preserve human flesh – seemed to confirm notion that they could confer long life and immortality when drunk.


We use the phrase Slàinte Mhath! (Good Health) when we toast each other with a dram. Charles MacLean tells that one does not use the toast Slàinte Mhath! unless one is drinking sprit. It is too powerful for association with beer. Or lesser alcohols.

Filter Self Fill (640x426)

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Nov. 23.

What’s in a Whisky Festival?

There are many different types and syles of whisky festival. If you can’t find one to suit you, then perhaps you should return to drinking milk…

Glasgow Whisky Festival ~ exactly what it says on the tin. More drams than you can shake a stick at. A well run, whisky presenting event. No faff, no falderal. This whisky festival reminds me of the shipyards on the Clyde in days of old. Engineered, good craic, full of wit and camaraderie. Haggis and Neeps to eat, and friends are well looked after.  A good Scottish Festival.

We have the glamour of Paris Live… HUGE number of stands, big names, expensive whisky tastings. A lot of glitz and glamour –  fur coat and no knickers….? the people who ran the stands were complaining they were packed in too tighty…. all for style, never for comfort. Lots of World drams and glamour. A place to see and be seen.

Then, we have Maltstock & Dramboree ~ whisky hippy dreams. Fires, Birkenstocks, sharing bedrooms, and swimming with whisky!   Do you need to be young or have a beard for these? A celebration of friendship and whisky. The whole weekend is a session.

Next we have Independent European Festivals – mostly Dutch, German and now, Austrian.   A celebration of Scotch and Scottish culture. I love how people are playing the pipes (sometimes with more luck than judgement..) are singing Scottish songs, have kilts on, and there is tartan and shortbread all over the place. And lots of obscure Independent bottlings. This is good. These people are way ahead in whisky repertoire.  Big commercial festivals can be rather generic in relation to drams..

Then, we have the Speyside Whisky Festival. So overwhelming because everything is so far apart. But, if one has a driver who knows where they are going it is fantastic. Cooperages are opened up, Maltings are available to view. This is a mixture of the practical side of whisky and whisky drinking, with big names and glamour thrown in for good measure.

Next up,  we have our very own Feis Ìle.  A celebration of the culture of Islay, which has been hijacked by the distilleries. However, this is good. This grounds people in the distilleries and lets them experience whisky where it is made. A week of  mayhem involving Islay distilleries, whisky and friendships.

Last, but not least we have a newcomer to the festival scene. My very own THEATRE OF DRAMS Whisky Symposium . An Educational Celebration of Whisky.  An alternative, or a complement, to the week of the Feis.  Whisky drinking & whisky heritage. Pick and chose the events you want to attend. Create your learning schedule. 

There is a place for ALL kinds of festivals. We need a variey of events. These are a few to demonstrate diferent STYLES.

There are hundreds of whisky events world wide. 

Seek them out!

Enjoy your #Scotch.


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Mar. 27.

Whisky Marketing is so off piste..d

There are two types of people, Buyers & Drinkers. They are  emphatically NOT the same thing ~ although, like a good conundrum, they CAN be the same thing!

The marketing demographic for the new whisky drinker is the 28 year old, uber cool, hipster type. Probably with a beard, maybe with a cagoule…. and that’s just the girls….

The problem here is that this dude doesn’t BUY much whisky…. this character just drinks it. 

 This character is found at whisky festivals making the most of drinking not buying. Any whisky they do buy is on supermarket special, then, having it on show to impress, they are unlikey to share.  The bottle will last for eternity. 

There are two type of buyers ~ the buyers of GLASSES of whisky in bar, and the buyers of  BOTTLES. Some people are both. The hipster buys a good dram for themself  in a bar, to show off ~ they do not buy a round. But they will only buy one. The rest of the time they drink what others buy them.

So, if the marketing demographic are not buying whisky; who IS buying it?


 They are the buyers and the hipster is the drinker. Yet the marketing objectives target the hipster……?

Same thing upon visiting distilleries. Hipster tours distilleries on the £6 tour. If any whisky is bought it is by whoever has taken them to the distillery with money from their parents.  The people on the expensive tours are not the hipsters. The people on the expensive tours are Joe & Joleen. But who cares for them?

The drinkers are the ones who fill in questionaires, they want attention, they want to be heard. These people are NOT the buyers. Not in the main. The buyers are the ones who come to the distilleries. The drinkers are too mean – Unless it is a festival, then they are there for the freebies. The buyers very seldom fill in market research or forms etc as they are far too busy living life and making money, so they can afford to buy whisky.

The buyers are an overlooked positivity. 

The thinking behind marketing to the hipsters is probably to capture their interests and they will stay loyal, and when they can afford to, they will buy the whisky to which they are loyal. 

Nope, doesn’t work. The hipster is too mean to be loyal. And by the time they can afford to buy whisky there is something new in fashion and as they are a hipster ~ albeit an old one, they want to be seen drinkng whatever is in fashion.

Loyalty with whisky buying is not the same psychology as loyalty in car buying.  A way to develop loyalty is to invoke emotion, invoke a feeling of belonging.  If you do this, people will turn to you, in the same way people will turn to an old friend.

So, what needs to be done is the whisky must be personalised. This cannot be done in isolation. A whisky needs a host. 

The host can be a place, or a person. For example, John Campbell is Laphroaig’s Host. He takes Laphroaig out into the world. People connect with him. They form friendships. Back home, Laphroaig Distillery itself is the Host ~ (and also, David Adams!) The buildings, the location, the friendliness of the staff , all these things act as ‘HOST’.

 Laphroaig have a very loyal following because there are different layers to connect to Laphroaig. Laphroaig do the hipster thing, but they humanise it and connect with the hipster’s family… because after all, they are the ones who buy the whisky the hipster drinks…

The only way to succeed is to share and connect with Joe and Joleen Blogs on a human level. Glasgow Distillery are great at this, they have Liam Hughes. He is the Host. People can’t yet visit Glasgow Distillery, but already people are bonded to it because Liam HIMSELF affords them a ‘place’ to connect to emotionally. 

Jim McEwan was a great host for Bruichladdich. Anthony’s boys are great hosts for Kilchoman when they are out on the road… (be better if their accents were Ilich though, but we can’t have everything…!.) And Kilchoman, itself is the Host when people come to the distillery. It is small and cute enough to be held in people’s mind and heart. People understand the farm distillery and connect on many levels. 

 If you are the hipster setting up a distillery and you are too mean to buy drink and share of yourself, no one will connect with you and your brand will be empty. All these achingly cool, uber trendy start ups will get nowhere unless the team have a real face, a real host. Rolling around with other uber trendy hipsters will not make any money what so ever, as, the other hipsters will be jealous and secretly won’t help  (we can make people ACT like they love us, but we can’t make them really love us…)

Another marketing “off piste d” is the outdated, childish concept of insulting the audience and believing they will still like you. This outmoded psychological programme was failing in the 80’s, even as it was being developed. Telling the audience that whisky buyers are stupid (not the assembled company as you are part of an elite squad….?!) but all others out there; is the pinnacle of an aggressive * large brand*  ‘hit them with a stick and they will like you’ marketing strategy. It is completetly wrong. And it is utterly boring. Not to mention offensive.   Joe & Joleen Blogs are the buyers of whisky –  putting food in our mouths – and we call them stupid….. ?? Everyone should take marketing lessons from Ratners arrogance.

It is this pseudo ‘whisky apartheid’ we are trying move away from.

 Marketing is filled up with spread sheets, data analysing and is so self referential, it has little bearing on what is really happening. 

Perhaps if marketing strategy was seen more as the initial presentation ~ like the catwalk fashions presented by designers, by the time the fabrics etc are brought to the public, they are shaped to meet the people on the street. 

Whisky brands could do the same. Develop multi tiered marketing strategies. One for the introduction of the product; the showcasing, the catwalk level;  one for the brand home, one for the people who are actually going to buy it and so on…

And, most importantly, employ people who actually know about whisky! 



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Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
Jul. 29.


Band of GoldBruichladdich Nostalgia BAROLO 017 (2) (1024x959)Barley


Book Now


 in association with  Professor PAUL HUGHES formerly of Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh


 5 Islay Distilleries

 5 Day Whisky Course on Islay

26 – 30 October 2015 inclusive


 ~  includes lectures, distilleries, accommodation & most food

 Proposed Itinerary


9.00 – 13.00 Lectures focus on Kilning & Malting

Coffee Break at 11.00 – 11.15

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch

14.00-17.00 Laphroaig Distillery

19.00 Trip to Peat Bank with cutting and stacking demonstration


9.00 – 13.00 Lectures focus on Mashing and Fermentation

Coffe Break 11.00-11.15

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00 – 17.00 Bruichladdich Distillery ~ focus on Terroir & work with barley grown in Islay


9.00 – 13.00 Lectures focus on Distillation

11.00-11.15 Coffee Break

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00 – 17.00 Kilchoman Distillery ~ focus on distillation and farm scale distillery production

19.30-21.00 Optional SCOTCH MALT WHISKY SOCIETY Tasting

especially for Whisky Course Islay Guests

hosted by Brand Ambassador Mr John McCheyne


9.00-13.00 Lectures focus on Maturation

11.00-11.15 Coffee Break

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch

14.00-17.00 Bowmore Distillery  Warehouse Experiences

19.30 Special Whisky Paired Dinner ~ 4 Courses  ~ kindly sponsored by

Hunter Laing ~ Old Malt Cask 

R & B Distillers ~ Raasay While We Wait

A.D. Rattray ~ Cask Islay


9.00 – 13.00 Lectures focus on Marketing & Branding

11.00-11.15 Coffee Break

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00 – 16.00 Ardbeg Distillery awareness of image and branding focus and Ardbeg Committee

16.00 -17.00 Presentation of WHISKY COURSE ISLAY CERTIFICATES

17.00 End of WHISKY COURSE ISLAY 2015



Accommodation is in self catering houses in Bowmore.

All breakfast food is supplied for you to help yourselves.

Lunch is supplied for 5 days from Cafe Blasda

Coffe & Biscuits are supplied for 5 days from Cafe Blasda

Lectures are held in ICCI ~Ionad Chaluim Chille Ile  in a lovely room overlooking Loch Indaal

Travel to and from distilleries is provided each day

Peat Cutting Adventure is included

4 Course Whisky Paired Dinner is included

You can stay an extra night at the beginning or end of the course if you need to for travel at no extra cost

We can provide taxi numbers for you to arrange collection from the plane or the ferry to Bowmore

You can fly to Islay from Glasgow in 30 mins ~ Flybe

Or you can take the ferry from Kennacraig ~ foot passengers do not need to book ~ Calmac

Please email : rachel@wildandmagicislay.com to book your place and for any other help or information


We look forward to meeting everyone


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Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
Jun. 21.

The Future of Whisky Making

Bruichladdich Nostalgia BAROLO 017 (2) (1024x959)

I have just watched a programme about Dan Barber and Blue Hill Dining.

This restaurant and philosophy illustrate an old, new way of looking at dining and food production. Basically, they are trying to make people think about flavour and good husbandry in food production. This means the bottom line in the business is not economic.

Last week I was in Barcelona and visited Vilarnau Cava Cellar.

They are in the second year of the three year programme to become organic  Cava producers.

This eco friendly  way of thinking about food and drink is the future. And if we want to protect our planet and ourselves we need to start thinking about this kind of thing in whisky making.

Bruichladdich Distillery are away out in front with their thinking in relation to this point.

They are working with individual farms in Islay and have fields of barley grown for them in different areas of Islay. They intend to distill these crops of barley individually, so the micro provenance of the barley can be traced to specific areas of Islay. This is a fantastic idea. Bruichladdich’s stapline ~ ‘We believe Terroir Matters’ is so important. Wine makers understand this consciousness only too well. Why people dismiss or underestimate this in whisky making is beyond me.

Bruichladdich are out in front with this thinking, but more needs to be done. We need more organic whisky, more individual fields growing barley.

Kilchoman Farm Distillery are at the forefront of this new, old thinking also. They have just agreed to buy the farm of Rockside upon which the distillery is situated. This is a fantastic thing. Now they will be able to grow their own barley, on their own farm and produce their own whisky. This is how distilleries came into being in the first place. Farms ‘stored’ their excess barley in whisky. This is the same way we store excess milk in cheese, and store summer berries in jam.


Whisky making is part of the cycle of life. The yearly turn of the seasons. Whisky making has its place in the cycle of the year ~ It is when it became a commercial concern that it became a year round event.

The whisky industry needs to become more organic, more closely connect itself to the growing of the barley. I was struck whilst at Vilarnau Cellar that it was really a vine farm. They think about the land and the agriculture, whereas in whisky we think about the process.

I believe that the future of quality #Scotch Whisky making is in attention to  Anam an fhearrain ~ in attention to Terroir.

I believe we need to pay more attention to ingredients.  How and where they are grown and sourced. We need  to develop a system  that works from the land to the glass with a  far more environmentally aware consciousness than we do at present.

Slainte! To the sustainable future of #Scotch Whisky Making

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Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
Jun. 03.


Feis Ile agus Dhiura 2015 ~the busiest we have seen yet!  We had extra open days & nights and millions of events ~ 

Friday ~ SMWS Open Day at Islay House ~ with two new Festival bottles……. one from SMWS and one from Islay House 

SMWS Feis Ile 2015

 And the first time meeting a great gang of Whisky Girls from all over the world!

Festival 2015 5

 Next up, Saturday ~ Lagavulin Day

With the Festival bottle put up on German ebay as soon as money changed hands in Islay ~ and the bottle sold out by Tuesday……..  German ebay ~ the life of high finance on Islay….

Festival 2015 12Festival 2015 7lagavulin-1991-2015-feis-ile-2015

Well, Sunday is just mental ~ It’s Bruichladdich Day!

‘The Boss’ hosts his last Master Class for 500 people (but, let’s hope we see him guest hosting tastings in the future…) ~ and some of the Whisky Girls Gang get our photo taken with him

Bruichladdich McEwanMonday is Caol Ila Day ~ weather is not that great, some people take great photos though, and plenty of great whisky is drunk…..

Festival 2015 0Tuesday is Laphroaig Day ~ weather doubtful ~ 200 Anniversary Birthday cake? splendid ~ secret still in the woods? ~ even MORE splendid!

And at night we had a great #whiskyfabric gathering with more bottles and people than you could shake a stick at…

Festival 2015 9Festival 2015 14Festival 2015 3

Wednesday was Bowmore Day ~ and the rain poured from the Heavens ~ but, then so did the whisky! So, I don’t think people minded too much…. 

Festival 2015 20

and Lucci at Bowmore Hotel stocked up on his festival bottles for us all….

2015 Festival Bottles

Thursday is Kilchoman & Jura Day ~ Kilchoman celebrated their 10 Year Anniversary ~ their first spirit came through on 14 December 2005, but the Visitor Centre was open earlier in that year. Richard Paterson represented Jura well ~ as he always does; with his wit and his cigars and his lovely drams….

Festival 2015 6Festival 2015 18Festival 2015 2Friday is Bunnahabhain Day ~ lovely drams, great music, good craic…..

I arrive just as Islay Bart was leaving…. I told him it was nothing personal…..!

Festival 2015 19

Saturday was Ardbeg Day ~ 200 Anniversary ~ lots going on ~ lovely drams, Arbroath Smokies, people from the future, ice bars, tract Tours and drams from probably the most expensive bottle of the Feis ~ 1815 Ardbeg, a snip at £3,000 ~ Bill only bought two…. and Bino only bought three….!! 

Festival 2015 13Festival 2015 22Festival 2015 21


Thank you to everyone I met who made the week so fantastic. Great new friends and great old friends. We will see you again next year ~ if not before.

And until we meet again ~ 


Thank you to anyone whose photos are here.  I couldn’t find exactly who took which pic, so please accept my inclusive thanks if you recognise your own.

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Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
Mar. 29.


Whisky for Girls hosted a LOVE WHISKY TASTING in Colonsay for Grace & Keir of ‘THE DRESS’ fame, and their wedding guests.

Grace & Keir (1024x681)

That night, there was no hint of the ensuing media tumult  ~  ‘was ‘THE DRESS’ worn to the wedding by Grace’s Mum, white and gold, or was it blue and black?’ they were only concerned with the drams they were about to taste…..

Two things I can tell you ~ 

1)  The drams we tried were GOLD 

2) The Dress is blue and black!

This future furore aside, we had one of the best tastings ever. It was so informal and so much fun.

Many of the guests had never tasted whisky before ~ but, said they will drink it in future…..!

The drams we had were:


50% abv  with no age. A pale summer sun in colour.  This is a young, fresh, light dram. A lunchtime or early afternoon dram. No peat in the Bruichladdich range. A bit citrus, slightly malty, oranges. Very soft. Only in Bourbon cask.  Another time it would be good to try the Scottish, Bere & Islay Barley whiskies all at same time and taste the subtle differences. Short Finish.


46.3% abv, a fruity, nutty dram. More oily than the Bruichladdich with a tiny edge of smokey brine. Fruitcake, fudge and a hint of Christmas tangerines. Sweet and warm. This would be a late afternoon dram. Medium Finish.


54.2% abv luscious, raisiny, smokey. A mix of new bourbon and old sherry casks. The sherry casks used to be the old Ardbeg ones from the past, but they are getting younger now. This dram is heavier and ‘meatier’ than the first two. Honey, treacle, walnuts, pine needles. It feels like you can chew it! Longer Finish.


46% abv A vatting of 5 & 6 YO bourbon & Oloroso sherry casks. Vatting means the malt whisky from these casks has been poured together, then bottled. It tastes summery and peaty with fruitiness and vanilla tones. The length of the finish is in between the Bunnahabhain and the Uigeadail.


40% abv This is a very interesting dram. It has been created by Laphroaig to be an introduction to it’s own style.  It is Laphroaig without the strong character. Think of ‘Rocky’ in his youth, and think of him now…… this is the difference between Laphroaig and Laphroaig Select. Everyone is making whisky like this now. We have Bowmore Small Batch, Glenrothes Vintage Reserve. And the interesting thing is that they say the customers chose it! I am sorry that customers want to dumb down the character of Laphroaig. But if you approach it as a whisky in it’s own right, it is a palatable, smokey, peatey dram that is sweet. It has a finish about the length of the Bunnahabhain, and would be an early evening dram.

 The favourite dram of the evening was the Ardbeg Uigeadail.

Whisky for Girls wish Grace & Keir all the best for their life together.

A shared love of whisky is a good bond for any couple to have!



Just to test you ~ before and after your next dram, checkout ‘the dress’ and tell us what colours you see……

The Dress

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Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
Jan. 26.

Feis Ile Burns Supper 2015


The Star o Rabbie Burns

 On 25th January,  a Scottish Poet’s birthday is celebrated the world over. A birthday which falls on 25 December is celebrated by a percentage of the world ~ but Rabbie’s birthday is celebrated in every country in the world; by everyone, everywhere. What an achievement. What an Immortal Memory!

The traditional Feis Ile Burns Supper was held in the White Hart Hotel in Port Ellen.

Burns Drams

There was a peat fire roaring in the grate when we arrived, we were welcome with a dram of Lagavulin 16 yo.

The dining room was beautifully decorated with red roses and white heather .

We said the Selkirk Gace before dining ~

Some hae meat and canna eat

And some wad eat that want it

But we hae meat and we can eat

And sae the Lord be thankit

 Dinner was  lovely:  soup was peppery,  mashed potatoes were creamy,  haggis was fresh…..


Our top table, comprising Donald Gillies. Jackie Thomson of Ardbeg fame, our MC Calum Murray formerly of Islay High School, John Campbell Manager of Laphroaig Distillery and John Findlay of Kilbride Farm.

Top Table

Their speeches were brilliant. Donald’s witty, clever homage to Burns and Scotland in The Imortal Memory

John Campbell, entertained us with his Toast to the Lassies.

  Jackie had us roaring with laugher at her truthful, cheeky and very daring Reply from the Lassies

We had more Lagavulin 16 yo, we listened to great singers from all over the island and a young piper from Port Ellen

Piping in the haggisJackie


And then after laughing, eating, drinking, singing,  & enjoying each others company into the wee small hours ~ 

We went home!



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Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
Jan. 23.


Whisky for Girls kicks off our Big Scotland Whisky Adventure on Sunday 8th February 2015.

#BIGSCOTLANDWHISKYADVENTURE is a journey through the land of Scotland visiting ALL the whisky distilleries of the country ~  there are in the region of 100 or so ~ and tasting the beautiful UISGE BEATHA (whisky) for which  Scotland is justifiably famous.

Whisky Map

We will be away from Islay for as long as it takes…. There is no hard and fast organised schedule. Whisky for Girls (& Guys!) will wander through the beautiful country of Scotland.

We will enjoy the scenery, the people, the atmosphere, the wildlife, the public transport, the weather ~ but most of all, we will enjoy exploring the world of whisky that is Scotland.

We will experience the land of Scotland which makes the Whisky of Scotland and endeavour to share this with you.



@WildandMagic on Twitter


Whisky for Girls on facebook


Whisky for Girls (& Guys!)


wonderful whisky map of Scotland by 



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Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
Dec. 13.

I AM WHAT I DRINK ~ whisky day

On Friday I went to Whisky Day 2014  in Tel Aviv, well organised by Amit Cohen and his friend. It was held in REAL TIME which is a Bar Tending School. They run beer, cocktail and whisky courses.  It is a great venue with lots of different bar areas. A painted purple entrance and a long wide slope down feel cool and urban.  Mellow, chilled music made a lazy Sunday afternoon pub feel; I loved it. 

Whisky Day Tel AvivVenueAmit Cohen

The stands are hosted by distributers,  so you see Bowmore, Auchentoshan & perhaps Balvennie on the same space. There were numerous Bourbon stands and I tried The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey.

Between us, my friend Ofir Mitrani and I tried Scapa, Bowmore Darkest and Small Batch. Talisker Storm, The Ileach ~ packaging as elegant as Bowmore, funny taste ~ lots of different flavours not meshed together, but distinct. I liked it. Also, I like the Talisker Storm. 

Peach Dog

There was maybe 40% attendance from women, which I thought good.  Albeit many of them were more interested in the Cocktail Making Master Classes! I met an interesting whisky loving girl called Tsippi Zinger with her accessory dog PEACH.  And she told me she had been drinking whisky since she was 12 ~ which greatly  impressed me…….


Keren Heduat and InBal Jenny Klein were tasting  Auchentoshan, and Tal Rippa, the barman at the Talisker bar was advertising his drams by showing us how much he enjoyed drinking them himself….

I was pleased to meet Gal Granov of http://whiskyisrael.co.il/author/gal-granov/ and meet again, the glamorous Shachaf Koren, who very kindly organised for us to be guests at the event.

Me. Gal & my pal

We saw lampshades made from bottles, Ofir nearly gave us a tune on the box, then we  went for a tasting on the Jamiesons Whiskey bus ~ which is a great concept, but, would benefit greatly from having a characterful Irish girl as host….

Whiskey busBottle lights

Ofir (2)

And from all this, I learned a very important biological and psychological fact

Nothing but the best

which is why I drink SCOTTISH MALT WHISKY all over the world.


Thank you to all my old and new whisky friends in Tel Aviv.

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