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Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
Dec. 03.


Whisky Spritzer? Whatever next? What sacrilege is this???  Everyone shouts when I ask for this, but wait till I explain. It is really a good idea.

Savoring a lovely single malt is a great thing.  Adding a thimbleful of water opens up your fruity dram and dampens down your peaty one.

DSCF6550 (640x603)

These are lovely drams to drink slowly in the house, or in a relaxing social environment where one can concentrate on the flavours, notice how the dram changes over time …. blah blah blah!

But what if you are out for a night and you are focusing on things other than whisky?  ~ like music, or men, your hairstyle, or dancing, blethering for your country, laughing wildly, telling funny stories  &  Heaven forfend ~ (smoking…!)

and you dont want to buy a single malt because, basically, there isn’t much drink in the glass and you’ll  finish it long before your friends finish theirs.  You’ll have to go to the bar again for a top up, so end up drinking twice as much as everyone else ~ getting plastered and spending all your Santa money ~

The answer is simple ~ order your favourite malt, ask the bar staff to put it in a slim jim and fill it up to the neck with water!

whisky spritzer

Voila! ~ whisky spritzer!

Tastes great, is a lovely long drink with a kick, is a (relatively) healthy drink ~ single malt & water ~ no evil colour compounds or added sugar.

And best of all ~ next day ~ because your drink of choice was so pure ~ no hangover!!

So, there you have it ~ from Whisky for Girls (& Guys!) 

Christmas drink of choice ~ THE WHISKY SPRITZER


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