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Jun. 02.


 Ardbeg Open Day entertained with good music, huge festival bottles of whisky and a great crowd.

 Manager Mickey Heads and Stillman Neil Philco gave masterclasses where the participants tasted six drams ~

 Still Young ~

10 year old  Cask no 2163 57.8% from 2002

14 year old from a sherry cask Cask 2722 53.9%

16 year old refill Bourbon Cask no. 2763 50.2% bottled in 1995

21 year old from a sherry cask bottled in 2002   1975

1975 ~ 36 year old  in warehouse  Cask No.4714


Frank from  Whisky Freunde Club in Cologne described the Ardbeg Festival Dram 56.7%

~ Long dry finish, fresh on the nose, young, sweet in original mouthfeel, and fruity with a bit of spice.

 In the festival bottle queue,  Whisky for Girls met John and Glenis ~ a couple whose love affair with whisky created their own love affair. They were married in Islay in a romantic ceremony with a couple of strangers as their witness. They have an amazing collection of rare Ardbegs. Glenis hunts them down, presenting John on his birthday with bottle number 4700 from the Japanese market, released in 2002. ‘I hound people until they give me what I want’  Glenis told me!

 People danced with the flags from their country as the band played

 And Manager’s wife, Margaret was crowned Queen of Ardbeg



Another great day where the sun shone and the drams flowed.

Whisky for Girls would like to thank everyone  who joined  ITS NOT JUST WHISKY FOR GIRLS CLUB.

We would like to thank everyone who granted us an interview, and/or  gave us some lovely drams to taste.

We would like to thank everyone who supported Whisky for Girls in any shape or form over the duration of the festival ~ and we look forward to welcoming you all back next year.


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May. 29.


Laphroaig Distillery Open Day ~ just another day in paradise ~ lots of interesting people and a great Festival bottling.

And that much sunshine we are getting fed up with it now (~ only joking; we LOVE it!)  

Columns and columns of people wearing wellies streamed past the Whisky for Girls stand. They followed manager John Campbell as though he were the pied piper of Laphroaig!

 There were walks wearing the wellies, and hunt the bottle in the barley in bare feet…………..

There was a hansome barman and a dresser full of drink

We spotted a handy cupboard to look out for when visiting the peat shed…………….

 Pauline and tiny daughter with glamorous glasses, queued for the Cairdeas Origin 51.2%, the Laphroaig Festival bottle

and we saw the best number plate for a Friends of Laphroaig member ~

Whisky for Girls met a group of friends with their own private supply of drams in the back of their van……………

 Tony and Loes from Amsterdam and Robert and Shona from Glasgow have know each other ‘too long’!  after having met at the festival years ago.  Tony said I could have a dram from his cask as long as I didn’t tell anyone…….as it wasn’t from Laphroaig and he didn’t want John Campbell putting him out………!  

I said of course I wouldn’t (and I haven’t told a soul, I have only written about it on my online festival diary


They buy all the festival bottlings, and Tony likes the Laphroaig Quarter Cask. Loes drinks whisky from Laphroaig when she is on Islay ~ but not when she is in Holland.  Robert is a member of glasgow’s Whisky club ~ ‘a dram not a drama’  and Shona doesn’t get a dram at all, being the designated driver.

Islay artist Jane Taylor www.islaywhiskydistilleryprints.co.uk  and Laphroaig Manager John Campbell pose in front of the Whisky for Girls stand, and the festival bottling tastes pale golden, thin, briney, sweet, peaty, with honey and power then oak and is yummy!

      It could hardly have been a better day. Thanks to all at Laphroaig.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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