Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
Feb. 08.


Whisky for Girls (& Guys!) are very pleased to be heading to Alkmaar in Holland this week to host 3 Masterclasses at the Hielander Whisky Festival.

Wullie Macmorland, the festival organiser decided to create a specific ‘Girls in Whisky’ focus.

RachelMcNeillGINNYISOBELSo, myself, Isobel Gardiner and Ginny Boswell ~ three ‘red heads’ are offering our festival guests some of the best #Scotch Whisky over the course of nine tastings. 

Whisky for Girls (& Guys!) are hosting 3 distinct tastings ~ each one has a different focus ~

‘Peat, Smoke and Both’  will debate the question, can we differentiate between the two?

‘The Independents’ Tasting will showcase whiskies and new make from some of Scotland’s newest distilleries ~ so new, infact, maybe some will not even know they exist!

And last, but certainly not least, ‘Dram Architecture’ Tasting, where we will look at different constructions of drams by comparing and contrasting styles and makeup.

Exciting stuff!

But, most of all it is going to be great to meet old friends, and make new ones ~ already I have an invitation to ‘Pea Soup Lunch’….! 


I would like to thank


The Gaelic Whiskies

KILCHOMAN Distillery

ARRAN Distillery

The GLASGOW Distillery

R & B Distillers & Alasdair Day

Scotch Malt Whisky Society & John McCheyne

for their unstinting support.


See you in Holland

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Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
Nov. 24.

The week that was… WHISKY COURSE ISLAY Pt II

Wednesday afternoon, saw us leaving Kilchoman Distillery and heading to Port Ellen for the SECOND whisky tasting of the day ~ an exclusive Scotch Malt Whisky Society Tasting hosted by John McCheyne.  Our guest for the evening was Florence Grey, chair person of the voluntary commitee who organise Feis Ile ~Islay Whisky Festival.


Thursday saw us learning chemistry of maturation in the morning. And a practical focus on Wood, Warehousing & Maturation took us on a tour of Bowmore Distillery, where we joined some delegates drawing samples from their own casks in Warehouse 5. Later, in the malt barns and kilns the artistic among us created barley angels, whilst the diligent practised turning green malt…..

Bow 3Bow 2Bow 8

Thursday evening brought the eagerly anticipated Whisky & Scottish Cuisine Dinner/Ceilidh. 

Two local cooks created a beautiful meal for us,  held in the largest kitchen of all the houses. Hunter Laing, R & B Distillers & R.D. Rattray sponsored the meal by sending us lovely bottles to enjoy. Also gifted were bottles from OWL Distillery, Mackmyra Distillery and various others. Whisky for Girls (& Guys!) provided a rather delicious port finish Kilchoman.

Din 1Din 13Din 10

I really enjoyed the meal as it was very informal and relaxed,  just like an old time ceilidh. Over the course of the leisurely meal, everyone stood up when inspired to do so and made a spontaneous toast ~ it could be as heartfelt or ridiculous as one wished….. and they were!

 After coffee, when everyone thought they could just chill…. in an heartfelt outburst of ‘bon homie’, I generously took it upon myself to teach the assembled company that Islay anthem… The Lights of Loch Indaal…. 

“if you learned ONE thing this week……..”

 … I remember a story about Sammy’s nails, or was it snails?? Lots of laughter, repeated playing of the ‘Vatersay Boys’  and the concerted tasting of ALL whiskies on the table……

Anyway… moving swiftly on to Friday with Marketing, Branding & Customer Loyalty. We were extravagantly hosted by Jackie at Ardbeg Distillery.  There were oysters in Seaview, a range of drams in the warehouse, a dram from 1976 in the old malt barns, ice cream in the still house, tea and cakes in the cafe and to top it all:  

SMOKING Ardbeg10 YO  in the chairperson’s study….

Ard 8Ard1ard14

   We awarded

WHISKY COURSE ISLAY 15 Certificates 

ard 15

In the Welcome Pack it said ~ 

“WHISKY COURSE ISLAY 2015 wishes to be an educational break from the corporate norm…..

I hope you will learn a lot; and make friends, rather than contacts, during your time in Islay”

I believe WHISKY COURSE ISLAY 15 fulfilled these hopes.


Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
Whisky For Girls ~ washbacks to slingbacks 009
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    January 23rd, 2015