Want to smell a dram and pick out the scent of honey, of parma violets, of seaweed…..?

nose a dram, sip a dram, roll it round your mouth, coat  your tastebuds, savour your dram

Want to know what people mean when they talk about ppm? What is SINGLE MALT, what is VATTED MALT, what is blend?

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All are welcome to LOVE WHISKY TASTING.

If you LOVE whisky, ask me to host a tasting for you

From people  who know whisky, but would like to be entertained ~  maybe learn a wee secret or two….to those of you just begining or those who have never tried a whisky in your life

It’s learning about peat and barley and yeast and casks. It’s abv and oiliness and creaminess. It’s mouthfeel and short finish & long finish…..and & and…. the list is endless

 does your brother love whisky? host a LOVE whisky tasting for his birthday 

Have a girl’s night, I will host a LOVE WHISKY TASTING for you

throw a party for your Dad & Mum, make it more exciting, a bit different,

ask me to host a LOVE WHISKY Tasting


We can taste it at 

weddings, cookery class, for fun, whisky clubs, hen parties, Whisky Tuesday (which means ~ have a tasting for no reason at all….)

 everyone learns something new. Everyone has a good experience trying new drams, old drams.

I  will travel to where you are, you don’t NEED to come to Islay ~ even though I know you would LOVE to…

 Organise a LOVE WHISKY Tasting

email me  ~ rachel@wildandmagicislay.com

call  0747 810 9099

 message me on facebook, on twitter


5 Whisky Tastings takes about 1.5 hours

You can have 4 or 5 or 6 drams in a tasting

We can decide if you prefer a Formal Tasting or an informal tasting

Any size of  group is fine ~ from 1 to 1 hundred!


 LOVE WHISKY Tasting in Colonsay 2015 for ‘The Dress’ wedding party!

(no wonder no one knew what colour it was……)

Grace & Keir (1024x681)

LOVE WHISKY Tasting in Graz, Austria

Whisky Tasting Austria (1024x701)

LOVE WHISKY Spring Festival Tasting

Colonsay Whisky Tasting (1024x768)

Prices are available on request and vary according to range of whisky, where you are, how many guests you have etc.  We can sort something to suit most requirements.