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Mar. 11.

All Woman Distillery ~ working title…

Bruichladdich Nostalgia BAROLO 017 (2) (1024x959)After speaking at the Women in Whisky Lunch and appreciating the talents, skills & abilities we have ~ and after a few great drams…. I decided to tell everyone my plan for women to build and run a distillery.

This plan is not meant to exclude men, certainly not. But the idea is for us women to start our own distillery.

‘All woman’ refers to the make up of individual women, as oppose to ‘All womEn’ which would be women only…

We have female distillers, blenders, marketeers, ambassadors, financiers, architects, builders, promoters, distributors ….. and most importantly….. DRINKERS!

This distillery would not make a ‘women’s whisky’…. what is that?

It would make great whisky & spirit. Full Stop.

 The business would have an awareness of women and try to think differently and inclusively.

It is just a plan, an idea…. but I am working on it, as from today.

And, why not?

It will be hard work, great fun, an achievement, a learning experience, a heart stopping adventure….it will be life.

So, what do you say Girls? 

Let’s create  Uisge Beatha ~Let’s make the Water of Life

Let’s have our own WHISKY DISTILLERY.

All those who are interested in anyway, please contact me. 


Let’s see where this goes….


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