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Mar. 05.

Whisky. Fascination. Women.

Whisky for Girls (& Guys!) was formed due to fascination.

In life one should always follows ones fascination. If you don’t, it will follow you until you turn and acknowledge it. 

And, so it was with me.

I had been fascinated with whisky since I was a teenager,  after a dance we would visit the boys in the distillery to get a drop of something to warm us up!

But, in those days it never occurred to us that a woman could have a career in the industry.  

  I would not have even known how to approach the thought.

Then, one day, near the time of the Feis Ile, the Islay Whisky Festival ~ the week when so many people come to Islay it sinks about 4 feet… and you can’t get  accommodation for love nor money…

I walked into the Tourist Board in Bowmore to see my friend Janice.

She was on the phone as I entered… and she looked up and pointed at me with a big smile on her face….

‘Rachel’, she said, ‘a man could stay in your house?’

‘Eh??  yes. Ok , I suppose ……. ‘ I replied.

So, then, she said to the person on the other end of the phone

‘Yes, Sir, we do have accommodation for you…!!!’

And that was it ~ 

Through fate my fascination was following me and was about to change my life

Ewald Baron came to stay in my house for the week of the festival because Janice could not get him accommodation anywhere else.

 He and I became great friends.

Every night Ewald would bring lovely drams back for us to drink and talk over the events of that open day.

Then one time he asked me, ‘Rachel, do all your girl friends drink as much whisky as you?’

And I said… ‘don’t be so bloody cheeky!’

But I knew what he meant.

And I said, ‘ No, no they don’t.  They drink wine and vodka and terrible things……

More Girls should drink whisky

We need Whisky for Girls….!’

And Ewald said: ‘Yes, yes, this is a good idea.

More Whisky for Girls.’

And I said, ‘I am going to form a company called

Whisky for Girls and get more girls to drink whisky’.

And, that is what  I did.

Whisky for Girls ~ it all started with a dram :-)

And that is the true story of it!

And now I work with my fascination for whisky and it’s great!

 Here is to us all. To all Girls and Women in Whisky.


But, then today as I wrote this post I thought of my fiend ~ 

I have been out of contact with Ewald for a few years. He has not been to the Feis Ile for a long time.

He is not on facebook, he did not reply to my last few eamails.

He had vanished. I was worried about him. And today, after writing this piece, I thought… what will I do to find my friend?

So, I appealed to the biggest group of Whisky Drinkers I know ~ the Malt Maniacs & Friends Group on facebook. I put a message on asking if anyone knew Ewald or could help me find him. 

I have had my differences with many on MM&F in the past, and spent time arguing with men with very poor attitudes towards women….

but, today Malt Maniacs found my friend!

Everyone rallied round to help, and a guy in Holland (who must surely be a detective….) found Ewald through a music site. 

I am so happy. 

I really can say, the Whisky World is amazing.

Through Whisky & Music & Friendship,  I am in touch with my friend again.

Slàinte! Malt Maniacs & Friends, I really do appreciate you!

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