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Dec. 12.



I only have one item on my Christmas list. I know some people ask you for dozens of presents, but I am only asking for one.

Just one ~ just this little glamorous bottle from Bowmore. Distilled in 1957, encased in platinum and hand blown glasss.

Only 12 bottles in existence. And I’d  like one…… just one…….

I am not being greedy and asking for a large bottle ~ I could have asked for this bottle …….

This 14 year old single malt from Tomintoul Distillery near Tomintoul, the highest village  in the Highlands of Scotland. It is found at 1165 ft above sea level. They are the highest and they have the biggest bottle ! This bottle holds 105.3 litres of whisky ~

I am only asking for a bottle that holds 0.70 litres.

I am not asking for the oldest bottle of whisky ~

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-10736116 ~ I’m not asking for Shackleton’s own dram, which lay hidden in ice under his hut in the South Pole for over 100 years

I’m not asking for the newest whisky ~ a vatting of 3 & 4 years from Kilchoman 100% Islay from field to bottle

A lovely fresh, bright dram with malty tones and a taste of peat.

I’m only asking for the most glamorous dram

I’m not asking for the world’s peatiest dram ~ Octomore 5.1 with a ppm of 169 (which would frighten all but the most ardent open fire palate)

Bruichladdich’s designer peat head dram, which at 59.5%  packs more punch than George Foreman

I’m not asking for the world’s most luxurious dram, a blend made by Royal Salute’s master blender Colin Scott and called Tribute of Honour

I only asking for the world’s most glamorous dram…….

This 54-year-old Bowmore 1957 (ABV 42.1%) is a symphony of aromas and flavors never before experienced. After distillation in 1957, the new spirit was placed into a second fill sherry cask (where it spent 43 years) and then in 2000 was moved into a second fill bourbon cask.

At first breath, an elixir of blueberries and wild figs with mellow almonds, tropical fruit and rich oaky overtones hits the nose. The palate reveals layer upon layer of sweet and refined ocean tastes with soft blueberries, cassis and figs, sea salt and fresh eucalyptus. Next, a wisp of teasing smoke and traces of dark chocolate fuse with notes of grapefruit and juicy oak, carried along by a warming marine breeze. This sensory journey ends with a long and whispering finish of cassis, bergamot and star anise.

 Each of the 12 bottles has been hand-blown and sculpted by two of the world’s foremost glass artists Brodie Nairn and Nichola Burns, into the shape of waves reminiscent of those that constantly crash against the No. 1 Vaults’ sea-facing walls. The glass is inlaid with shimmering flecks of platinum, one of the rarest precious metals on earth. Adorning each bottle is a platinum neck collar, hand-engraved with the bottle number and spirit strength, and platinum stopper hand-crafted by Hamilton & Inches, Warrant Holder to the Queen.  http://www.bowmore.com/news/something-magical/

Dear Santa, I’m only asking for one tiny, wee bottle, not much at all in the scheme of things……….

what’s that you said, Santa? I didn’t mention the £100,000 price tag?

No, of course I didn’t ~ I thought it was well worth it!




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